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Piston Valves

Piston Valves The Pennant piston valve (PPV-10) is a linear movement valve in which a stainless steel piston travels between the upper and lower seal ring. These rings are separated by a lantern bushing, which supports the piston and creates a tight seal. When the valve is in the open position, the upper seal ring, in conjunction with the piston, prevents leakage through the stem. In the closed position, the lower seal ring seals the valve passage and provides a tight shutoff.
Known for their extraordinary performance and long life, Piston Valves can handle a variety of media such as steam, thermal fluid, condensate and many other liquids and gasses. They can be used in on/off and throttling applications.



Sizes Materials Pressure Range
DN15 to DN200 Cast/ Forged Carbon Steel Forged - #800
Cast - #150, #300, PN40
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