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Condensate Recovery Systems

Condensate Recovery Systems Pennant condensate pump (PCP10) is an excellent alternative to standard electric pumps which are not suitable for pumping hot condensate. It is a complete non-electric solution designed to lift condensate to the boiler feed-water tank using small quantity of motive steam.


Sizes For Stand Alone (End connections) For Pump & Recover Skid
(End connections)
DN25*DN25 to
Flanged #150, #300 & Screwed
Flanged #15


Hot Water Generation Systems

Pennant's hot water systems are customized to cater to the hot water requirements of small and medium-sized establishments, using low-pressure steam as the energy source. Compact and easy to install, these plug-and-play systems are energy efficient and safe. This system is designed and constructed for specific parameters.

De-Superheating Systems

  The heart of the de-superheating system is the correctly sized spray nozzles, designed to achieve a high degree of atomization even at low differential pressures. Isolating valves, by-pass valves, strainers, non-return valves and inter connected piping are provided to make the system ready for installation at site.

Pressure Reducing Stations

Pressure Reducing Stations

Pennant offers pressure reducing station with PRV or flow control valve with pressure control loop which ensures the required accurate pressure control to fulfill process requirements. Single-stage pressure reduction results in a compact system. The system supplied is complete and ready to fit on site.
Size Materials Pressure Range
DN15 * DN15 to DN300 * DN300 Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel #150, #300
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