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“Floline” Offers Disc check valves (wafer type) especially for chemical, Food, processing, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper, Textiles, Power Generation, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning etc. The valves are used in oil lines, Processing line, Hot and cold water systems, steam and condensates, Gas lines etc.



•  Disc Check Valve is an advanced design which gives full flow and occupy very less space than other type of Non Return Valve. • •  DCVs are simple to fit between two pipe flanges.
•  Spring loaded disc to prevent reverse flow in pipe lines.
•  Stronger, lighter and smaller than conventional swing check valves, hence less expensive to install and maintain.
•  Compact Design of valves fexibly accommodates various types of flange selection.
•  The valves can be fitted in any plane/direction in pipelines.
•  Available in 15mm to 200 mm sizes.
•  Extremely low operating pressure. Self centering type design.
•  Zero leakage for soft seated valves.
•  Design : Manufactures standard
•  Testing : As per API 598


Size Range From : 1/2” To 8” Wafer Type
Technical Specifications :
Body Construction

ASTM A 351 Gr. CF 8 / CF 8M. 
ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB

Disc AISI 304 OR AISI 316 (Bar Stock / Castings)
Spring Standard
Spring Retainer AISI 304 AISI 316.
Disc Set Metal to Metal, EPDM/Nitrile - Soft seated for water and silicon / viton - soft seated for oil & gases.
Pressure Rating PN 40.
Flange Standard 1. BS 10 Table D, E & H (65 NB & 80 NB will not be fitted between ‘E’ flanges).
2. Din : PN6, 10, 16, 25, 40.
3. JIS 5, 10, 16, 20 (40NB, 50NB, 80NB, & 100NB will not be fitted between
JIS 5 Flanges).

Oprations :

Disc Check Valves are opened by the pressure of the fluid and closed through compression spring
as soon as flow stops thus preventing reverse flow.

Oprations :

Designed and Manufactured in accordance with BS 7438

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